Brimstone (Feat. WD from Manu Armata)

from by Through the Struggle



A soul pulled from the fires, A husk carved out of stone
the heart is filled with boiling blood, By anger, I was born
I have set foot on the horrid grounds where, mere mortals could not stand
I have gazed upon things visuals went right through my hands
And I learned that there is nothing absolute besides nothing
Buried without coffin, Born serving as worms feed
Just another broken man there is nothing else beneath
The gallows are my beds, the blade my go to sleep
And in between the laughter I only hear the ones who weep
I hear the voices screaming of how they hate the likes of me.
I destroy the planets, I am the end of worlds
No one shall defend me as I live a life untold
I am domination, an horrible disease
In the arms of death I will find my long awaited peace
To master the art of anger, is to slit hatred's throat, and still have blood that boils
With 9 shapes I created the destruction of my heart
Unending attempts and failures is what scattered all the parts
The unwanted truth is, you are that what I've said
I know despite of all I've said you'll feast upon the dead
heads will roll down the abyss that I call home.
heads will roll down the flames where I was born, into nothing.


from Absolute Nothing, released March 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Through the Struggle Netherlands

Energetic and genuine. Walking the margins of (Post-)Hardcore, Punk and Metal, breaking down walls with the force of a live grenade. A party to which all are invited. We're Through The Struggle, we're a band. We like to play music and we like to play it loud. So scream, dance and sing along, we're all in this together. ... more

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