Death drinker

from by Through the Struggle



They, they're screaming my name as they drown
Damned souls forget their pain when they pull you down
One day I'll end it all, I'll turn the water red
I'll hold my breath and I'll swim against the stream straight into Hell
And if you ignore the story of the one who drank death, you won't receive your savior's hand
And when that day comes, I know I'll meet her once again
floating, staring at me with those redeeming eyes
And it will pierce my heart but it will not break my spirit
My tears will join the others but I will remain alive and swim onward
away from her sight, away from her eyes
Damned is the creator of the river
considered saving on this hope abandoned land
Waves of desire rage forth by the winds from below the nine
You are what drives me to reach the frozen heart, and melt away the ice that keeps it from beating
I am forged to drain the black river and keep it away from us
I am forged to drain the black river
I roam the earth telling the story of the one who drank death but did not die
I roam the earth telling the story of how I survived


from Absolute Nothing, released March 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Through the Struggle Netherlands

Energetic and genuine. Walking the margins of (Post-)Hardcore, Punk and Metal, breaking down walls with the force of a live grenade. A party to which all are invited. We're Through The Struggle, we're a band. We like to play music and we like to play it loud. So scream, dance and sing along, we're all in this together. ... more

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